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Have Lots of Data, But Not Getting the “Business Insights”

Get the on-demand firepower your construction firm needs with the Aedo Insight: Power BI Team


Eliminate Blind Spots


Start Where You Are

Understanding Problem

Understanding of Your Business Problem

Data Insight Designed to Get the Job Done

Hours or days wrangling data in Excel…

Not getting the value out of the investment in construction technology…

Project engineers moonlighting as part-time Power BI report developers…

Hiring freelance consultants that have no clue about your business and needs…

Knowing exactly what you want and just can’t find a way to have it…

Had Enough?

You are a professional builder. You take pride in your craft and your work. You know that not just anybody with a set of tools can show up and get the job done.

We feel the same about the business-critical data insights that can transform your operation.

We take a design-build approach with you to ensure you get the data insight and business impact you are striving for.

Typically Power BI report developer – does not understand your business and needs

They throw spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks…

And you end up with something like this…

Sample report
sample 2

These reports convey some basic data but fails to help the user understand why things are happening in their business.

In order to provide meaningful data insights, a report must be understandable and actionable.

Like this…

good report sample 1
good report sample 2

At Aedo We Know that Proficiency with the Tool is Only the Starting Point

The Aedo Insight: Power BI team combines:

  • Power BI tool expertise

  • Construction domain understanding

  • Data insight design and user experience

  • Deep data engineering expertise and bench strength

  • Proprietary methodology to ensure we get the data insight right the first time!

Download our blindspot clarifier >>

The Aedo Insight Process™: Our Approach to Your Success

We call it the AIP™. It is our “love the problem” approach to ensure a deep understanding of both the problem and the ideal solution.

We invest the time upfront to make sure that we mutually get it right. Think of it as our version of measure twice, cut once.


With AIP, we:


Design solutions to eliminate business blind spots – guaranteed


Unlock data and transform it from a liability to a business asset


Create, deploy and assess the impact of the data insight 

Think Business Insight Applied!

What does it cost?

We like to think of it in terms of your investment in a new future:

Transforming your business performance through data insights

Transforming your data into an enduring and appreciating business asset

Right…you want the costs.

3 Options:

Pay as you go

Prepay for a bundle of hours

Monthly ongoing retainer

Best deal!
You decide the amount.
Cancel anytime!

What are you waiting for… Unlock your data with a Power BI Business Insight Now!

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This Power BI Solution is for:

Struggling business leader that wants to find a better, faster, and easier solution to data management

Forward-leaning leader that wants to innovate and adapt their company to a fast-paced development

Technology Managers that fully embrace automation and systematized databases

Getting into the brass tacks, our clients will get: 

Proficient Power BI Authoring coupled with in depth SQL and data engineering

Train qualified team members to navigate PBI Tool

Deep data expertise in integration and be one of the pioneers of Aedo Data Hub