What would consistent, continuous analytics mean to you?

Being able to aggregate and interpret labour data across projects would pay huge dividends for subcontractors, but most are too busy to gather data — let alone measure it. Fortunately for you, that’s about to change.


Unlike any labour productivity tool you’ve ever seen.

Say goodbye to time-sucking tasks.

Spend less time entering redundant data in multiple systems, and forget dealing with piles of paper-based forms. Swap out these soul-destroying time wasters for efficient labour plans and change orders, plus vastly improved data quality, flexibility, and accessibility.

Trade opinions for data-driven facts.

Everybody has an opinion – but almost nobody has analytics to empower their teams to make fact-based, data-driven decisions. With our project insights to guide you you’ll spend less time debating and more time turning a profit.

Measure what you want to improve.

Set benchmarks with consistent, accurate labour productivity data across your organization so you can continuously improve your efficiency, your projections, and your bottom line.

All the gain, without the pain.

Our platform simplifies the input, sharing, and analysis of data. With streamlined data capture and advanced analytics and reporting, you can assess project performance and productivity without burdening your team.


You won’t be going it alone.

Our platform is built by leading minds in the software and construction industries, but our embedded success teams make it truly exceptional. These dedicated operations experts work elbow to elbow with your people to ensure they get up and running smoothly.

Meet our success teams