Digital Timecard Payroll Integration

Construction Data Insights

Director of Field Technology Innovation

We rolled out digital timecards to the field to eliminate manual data entry and to have access to the field data much quicker

We are still spending half a day a week manipulating the field data before submitting the payroll.

We want to expand its use across the organization using the workspace project simultaneously. However, this inefficiency is making us rethink the decision.

We’ve explored using an Excel macro to facilitate the payroll integration; however we are not convinced that this is the best approach long-term.


Manual Processing

To separate project and shift extras from project hours, project data must still be manually processed.


Tedious and Prone to Errors

When errors occur, the upload fails, or the payroll is incorrect.

Aedo designed a solution to eliminate this time-consuming and error-prone work.

Business logic will be applied to timecard data to separate hours (standard and overtime) from project and shift extras.

Processed data will be formatted for readability and error detection

Data insights on labour hours will be more readily available

Processed data is formatted for readability and error detection

Presentation and formatting

Reviewer Acceptance automates upload

New Data Insights

Project hours: daily, weekly, totals

Aggregate project hours


OT %

Project Extra %

80% reduction in timecard processing

$1600 average savings per project

90% (estimated) reduction in payroll error

Immediate availability of labor hours insight

Identify and address problem projects more quickly and easily

Establishing project benchmarks for labor data across all operations

Payroll review takes less than ten minutes

Data is parsed and automatically loaded into the appropriate systems after acceptance, with success and error reporting

Incorporating crew and rate data for new valuable data insights

  • Labor costs
  • Blended rates
  • Apprentice ratios
  • Etc.

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