Meet the people behind Aedo.


Chris Ovens, CEO

Chris is a proven business builder and leader in the innovation space. His background in the construction and building services industry, combined with deep experience in business intelligence makes him our ideal Aedo alpha.

Chris’ education background includes an BSc in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA from Queen’s University. As a thought leader and pioneer in location analytics, Chris founded SpotOn Systems (acquired by Esri in 2011) and contributed visionary leadership to several technology firms. In 2016, Chris joined Modern Niagara to lead their Innovation team as SVP, Strategy & Innovation.


Darren Nelson, CTO

Award-winning thought leader Darren Nelson is a recognized expert in advanced data analytics, advanced visualization, and is a pioneer in location analytics and enterprise integration strategies. He is passionate about creating marketable and effective software systems, and has founded several successful software companies.

Darren brings over 20 years of experience in the architecture and deployment of enterprise-scale data collection and dissemination, business intelligence, and various other business systems to the Aedo team.


Mike Boryski, CCO

As Chief Customer Officer, Mike focuses on delivering value to our Aedo community members through best-in-class problem solving, onboarding, training, and support.

After earning his Engineering degree from the Royal Military College of Canada and later an MBA from Queen’s University, Mike embarked on a career-long quest to elevate the needs of customers. He is an empathetic advocate for customer needs and passionate believer in the interdependence of company and customer success. Mike brings two decades of experience as a highly accomplished sales leader and mentor, business strategist, and professional engineer to the Aedo team.


Charles Davis, Chief Engineer, Construction Technology

With over 20 years of experience in change management in operational settings, Charles has spent his career understanding how to successfully transform organizations.

With a degree in Civil Engineering and an MBA, Operations, Charles has worked across the manufacturing, logistics, and construction industries throughout North America. His track record as an exceptional process improvement specialist and transformation leader makes him the perfect director for Aedo’s Technology Adoption Labs.